Case Study: The Three Hills


Bartlow, Cambridgeshire


The Three Hills at Bartlow

Account Manager:

Paul Joslin

Project Overview:

We were brought onto this project before a menu was set, requiring GFSE to act as consultant, whilst incorporating a comprehensive kitchen design that would ensure the management's ambitious plans could be met.

On top of this initial uncertainty, in a 24m² room, the space of the kitchen had much to be desired.

Our casual dining specialist Account Manager Paul Joslin had to get heavily involved in this project from the off, advising the management's specifications in the pre-install phase as well as Project Manager upon the order being confirmed.

In order to meet the ambitions of the new management, we had to call upon a range of high-end suppliers for multi-functional equipment. This being said, freedom of movement was also high on the list of priorities during the design process in order to allow the chefs to flow freely through the segmented areas of the kitchen to produce a varied menu efficiently.

We ensured an ideal comprehensive kitchen design was in place for the non-appointed chef by installing a compact wash station, sectioned prep areas and a cookline that allows for a variety of cooking methods.

Our commercial kitchen design allowed the management to build an extremely popular menu which struck a chord with the public and critics alike. Upon re-opening after a long closure in Spring 2017, The Three Hills at Bartlow has gone on to receive local awards as well as the Michelin Plate.

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