Case Study: Sticks'n'Sushi Chelsea


Chelsea, London



Services Provided:

Account Manager:

Paul Joslin

Project Overview:

Sticks'n'Sushi Chelsea sets a high benchmark for theatre kitchen design. We designed and installed a huge island kitchen that's completely visible to the surrounding dining areas, and as such, the aesthetic quality of the workstations was just as important as the technical/performance spec.

All of our Stick'n'Sushi projects feature a huge array of equipment, and Chelsea is no exception. At the main kitchen and dining area, guests sitting on the surrounding barstools can see custom made sushi fridges, numerous tempura fryers and a yakatori grill, while downstairs at the chef's table/private dining area, guests can see select chefs prepare each meal surrounded by custom fabrications, rice cookers and and even further yakatori grills.

With the restaurant spanning 2 floors and 3 catering areas, it was easy enough for us to break down the sections. Ensuring the prep and cooking areas were separate from the refrigeration and warewash areas allowed the kitchens to only become as busy as need be, rather than being flooded with staff members during the continual cleaning process; this in turn streamlined the theatre kitchen design process and made the flow of the prep and cook areas paramount in the restaurant's food production.

With the refrigeration, warewash and private dining areas being situated sub-street level, meticulous planning and project management was required to ensure the designs were realised perfectly and the equipment delivered without a scratch. Luckily, veteran Account Manager to Sticks'n'Sushi (Paul Joslin) ensured all other contractors on site were prepared for the kitchen installation in the midst of other shopfitting tasks.

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