Recent clients on Michelin map

The Michelin Guide has commended two of our recent clients, both of whom had a tailored fine dining kitchen delivered by our specialist commercial team.

Alchemilla, our local handover from Autumn 2017, has gone on to receive numerous accolades since opening – from being rated the best fine dining restaurant in Nottingham to placing 53rd in the National Restaurant Awards Top 100 – and has now gone on to receive the Michelin Plate.

Sporting a unique plant-based cuisine, Alchemilla is equally recognisable for its spectacular theatre kitchen as well as the venue itself, which is a renovated Victorian coach-house. Due to the many constraints of the tight subterranean venue, the design and specification of the fine dining kitchen was imperative to the project’s success; read our full Case Study on Alchemilla here.

Receiving the same award only a year and a half after opening, The Three Hills pub has been a popular destination in the rural community of Bartlow (Cambridgeshire) since opening in Spring 2017.

The Three Hills produces an extensive choice of food, making up roughly 80 items split over four menus. We ensured a broad menu was possible by prioritising multi-use equipment in the tight kitchen, allowing the chefs access to the right equipment without restricting movement.

Paul Joslin, Account Manager to both projects, takes great pride in their ongoing successes.

“It’s a great pleasure to work on fine dining kitchens for ambitions clients – even better seeing those clients go on to do so well and make the most of the cooking tools they have. Both The Three Hills and Alchemilla are great looking projects with a fantastic menu that corners their respective markets; I’m sure we’ll continue seeing them achieve great culinary honours in years to come.”


Visit Alchemilla’s website.

Visit The Three Hills’ website.

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