Welcome to your very own private and fully secure My Zone extranet, which we have developed for you as an innovative and interactive method of sharing specific information such as well as providing you with direct access to all of the key documentation.

You are invited to comment on this information.  Your appointed contact will automatically receive these comments via email/enabled mobile phone and will make contact with you as soon as they can.

This will improve our communication with you and is also part of our on-going drive to become a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly company.      

Upon successful completion of your project, we will upload and store your own Operations & User Manuals for your future reference. 

As this is an area build specifically for you, we would appreciate any feedback you have including any suggestions to improve it.   To this end please contact Peter in our Marketing Department and he will look to implement these suggestions where possible at the earliest opportunity. 

All designs we upload onto My Zone will be in dwf format, a suitable viewer of which can be downloaded, subject to agreeing to any license, here.


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