The fact that we work with some of the most well regarded architects, design managers and end user clients is a testament to the high quality of our Commercial Kitchen Designs. In the last year alone, our diverse range of clients have benefitted from our contacts with design professionals who have helped us to install revolutionary and great value designs. This covers everything from community based schemes to catering services in sports stadiums.    

We design more than just kitchens. There isn’t an area of commercial catering that we won’t help you innovate, whether that is public concessions, hospitality suites and even all communal facilities of a care home or retirement village.  

Our state of the art Revit-BIM software is just one of the many digital programmes which we’ve used to help us design and visualise our joint concepts as well as fine tune the day to day efficiency of our Restaurant Kitchen Designs. If you want more information on how we use this state of the art software, then do contact us via phone, email or Skype.

Our Commercial Kitchen Designers are seasoned veterans in the industry and know the most effective ways to get results due to their wealth of experience. Our professionals are well versed in health and safety legislation, operational flow and the most effective equipment to suit each and every requirement you might have. Our Commercial Kitchen Fitters will also find the best ways to cater towards an eco-friendly kitchen. We look for the most sustainable options that won’t impede upon your company’s performance. For more information on our environmentally friendly efforts visit the Green Zone on our website where you can take part in an interactive 2D tour of our innovative commercial green kitchen concept.



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