We understand that CSR activity in its purest form is voluntary and business driven and should therefore be separated from more accountable activities such as human resources, environmental issues, sustainable development and health and safety practices.

Garners view the implementation of CSR initiatives as being fundamental to the company’s pursuance of excellence not just within the company itself but more importantly in the way our activities impact on our clients.

We also understand that Corporate Social Responsibility is about aligning values and behavior with the expectations and needs of customers, employees, suppliers, communities and society as a whole.

However, whilst realising our duty to society we need to achieve competitive advantage and the continuous development of our systems and procedures offers examples of how we can achieve parity between practicality and the core values of CSR, for example:

a) Operational procedures that consider staff, clientele and the impact of goods and works on society.
c) A policy of continuous improvement throughout internal and external activities
d) The identification and application of ‘added value’.
e) The identification and application of ‘added value’
f) Loyalty and fairness to staff, customers and suppliers.