Building Information Modelling (BIM) is revolutionising the construction industry and its many sub-contracted and associated businesses, including Garners' commercial catering facility design, supply and installation.     


Renowed for being innovative throughout our +33 year history, Garners FSE has been one of the first companies in our industry to actively embrace BIM.   We will be producing all of our designs within the BIM Environment in the not too distant future and so if you are a main contractor and/or an Architect actively seeking a "BIM Capable" sub-contractor/commercial kitchen design house in line with next year's UK government Mandate, Garners are one such company.   If you are a current or potentially new end-user client, ask your allocated Account Manager for further information.    

Below is brief Q&A for anyone not yet familiar with BIM.  


  • What is BIM?   The BIM Task Group defines BIM as "essentially (a) value creating collaboration through the entire life-cycle of an asset, underpinned by the creation, collation and exchange of shared 3D models and intelligent, structured data attached to them."    


  • What does "Level 2" refer to?   Please refer to the image on the right above:  Level 2 is one of four levels (0-3 inclusive) of so called "BIM Maturity"  whereby "Level 0" would be the traditional 2D layouts commercial kitchen design houses generally would issue to clients.     Level 2  is "A managed 3D environment held in separate discipline 'BIM' tools with data attached. Commercial data will be managed by enterprise resource planning software and integrated by proprietary interfaces or bespoke middleware. This level of BIM may utilise 4D construction sequencing and/or5D cost information. "    For a comprehensive glossary please visit the "BIM Talk" website.
  • What does BIM offer you the client and us the kitchen design house?  Within the commercial catering design industry this will mean that for the first time, not only will we be able to continue to produce our exceptionally detailed 3D visuals and walk-throughs, clients and ourselves alike will be able to obtain every imaginable piece of information relating to either the commercial catering equipment specified or any other aspect of that design.   The ultimate aim is to be able to create entire buildings in 3D long before a project commences on site, thus allowing us to highlight potential issues and rectify these without any needless costs that could have incurred if on site.    Efficiency, a reduction of captial costs and an increase in colloboration amongst all stakeholders are the oft-stated benefits.  


  • What are Garners doing?  In 2013 we became one of the very first specialist commercial kitchen design houses to work on a "BIM" pilot project when we secured the contract with the main contractor Interserve on the HMP Cookham Wood scheme.    Prior to Christmas 2013 we purchased the software "Autodesk Revit ®"  and associated licences and as of 2015, we have produced around 15 designs in Revit, which subsequently are imported by the project lead into the overall BIM Model.

Follow us on Twitter (@GarnersFSE83) to find out the latest company updates and use the #BIM to join in with the conversation.     if you would like to read the Strategic Paper "Government Construction Client Group from the BIM Industry Working Group first published in March 2011, you can do so here.